The College Index

An website for students with disabilities and allies | Front End Development

About the Project:
I was selected to participate in the Wellesley Hackathon (WHACK) I worked in a team of 4 to build an website to better help high school students find colleges that are accessibiiity friendly.

The Problem:
High school students with disabilities often times have trouble searching for schools that can accomodate to their needs. And while these students can hear about the accomodations on school tours, they never have the opportunity to hear from students who also share the same disabilities. At the same time, school administrators have no formal way of receiving feedback on the type of accomodations they should be making towards students.

Our Solution:
The College Index is a site that crowdsources student's opinions on college accomodations. Students are able to rank how well the school meets their accomoations based on both physical and academic support. Additionally, college administrators will be able to see these reviews as a feedback forum to better improve their programs to be more inclusive of students with disabilities. While we did not get the opportunity to code this portion of the website, we envisioned a site that would also allow allies to learn more about what it's like to be a student with a disability. During this hackathon we used Python, JavaScript and Flask. Check out our website for yourself or peep our Devpost.